Driveways Guide

A guide to Pattern Imprint Concrete Driveways in Leeds and surrounding areas.

The benefits

Pattern imprint concrete is a great way to transform your drive and enhance the quality and value of your property. There are many benefits to have pattern imprint such as minimal maintenance, harder than concrete, oil and stain resistant, and colour does not fade.

No spreading or sinking of driveway

Because it is solid pattern imprinted concrete there is no risk sinking or spreading of individual bricks or flags ensuring you have the perfect driveway for years to come!

No Weeds or moss!

Because there are no gaps in the concrete laying there can be no risk of weeds and moss build so your driveway can look great all year round.

Oil & Stain resistant

All pattern imprinted concrete driveways are coated with chemical to ensure that the driveway is oil and stain resistant keeping the driveway clean and fresh looking at all times.

25% Harder than normal concrete

The compound formula used for pattern imprint ensures that the surface is typically 25% tougher than a normal domestic flagged driveway, thus is hard waring and will last longer!

No Fading!

Unlike most conventianal flagged driveways, pattern imprint is not prone to colour fade, ensuring your driveway will look and feel new for year to come!

A wide range of colours

There are many colours to choose from so you can get the right colour to match your property, ensuring a quality feel is kept thoughout.

Easy maintenance

Pattern imprint is exceptionally easy to clean and maintain at all times.

Finding a quality contractor for your pattern imprint driveway

In the Leeds Area

There are plenty of high quality driveway contractors in the leeds area. But the company we strongly recommend for Pattern Imprint Concrete Driveways in the Leeds area is Distinctive Driveways and you can check them out at

In the Wakefield Area

A highly recommended Wakefield Decorative Pattern Imprint Driveway & Patio Specialist contractor is a company called Designer Driveways. Visit their website here at: